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Latest Strategy for Link Building 2017 – A Definitive SEO Guide

Everyone knows the most ranking factor and important skills of SEO is Link Building

That’s not all, In fact, Link building is a culmination of few another skill. You must be professional content, programming, sales and some other’s skills if you want another users also link to your website or blog.

Note: Link Building is a crucial activity for more search engine traffic and High keyword ranking.

so here I am going to tell you everything about quality Link Building that will definitely help you to create high-quality backlinks for your website.

so Read the full blog and Be a Perfect Link builder.

Below are some pointers that will define you key factors of Link Building.

  • Link Building Basics
  • High-Quality Backlinks
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing and Outreach
  • Latest Strategy for Quality Link Building
  • Advanced Link Building

Chapter – 1     Link Building Basics:

According to Last Year Analysis of I million Google search results, Quality Links is the Key Factor to increase rankings. In Other words, Links helps to increase rankings more than any other factors. In fact, Google said Itself that Backlinks are one of the most top 3 factors of search engine rankings on this article (Now we know: Here are Google’s top 3 search ranking factors)

So Now you understand the importance of links and their role in Google algorithm But Now you will be thinking that why these links are so important. and you are not thinking wrong, In Fact, And it is natural to think.

So to understand this you have to go on your past when people mostly used search engines like Yahoo and Alta Vista. On that time these search engines were Cardinal and they focus the content quality on the web page to rank their search results.

Now talk about Google.

Google Page Rank algorithm turned the Dice and Changed the Game. Google not only focused on their Content Quality but also checked that how many users linked to that web page.

Link Building Strategies

and the good thing is they were definitely correct because these days, to determine the web page quality, Links is one of the best options. Now you got my point that link is the main factor for google’s search engine ranking factors.

and Now Penguin update is also available to check the backlinks quality. I would like to thanks to Google for this amazing Google update.

Now the question is What are high-quality backlinks? and How you will build them.

So that I am going to tell you the secrets to creating the quality links.

Keep reading…

Chapter 2 – High-Quality Backlinks

Let’s Discuss Link building strategies but first, you need to know which factors make a link good or bad?

So there are 2 possibilities will happen when you create good or bad links?

Possibility 1 – When you create Good or High-quality Links.

Relax and Watch your increased site rankings on the top page of Google.

Possibility 2 – When you create bad or low-quality links.

You will be shocked and Google will penalize your site.

So would you like to see your site penalized by Google? LOL! Of course Not!

So Here are the secrets you need to know to create High-quality Links.

  • Page Authority

So Have you got a link from a High Authority Webpage? If yes then the links is going to have a big impact on you search engine ranking.

According to my long time of analysis, I realized that Page authority of a webpage linking to you impacts more than any other Ranking Factors. and This happens because links from High Authority pages passes more authority.

Now Google Hide the Page rank of websites but they still use it in their algorithm

You can check page rating of a web page using ahrefs. You can also use Moz to check the page authority.

  • Domain Authority

To determine the link quality, Domain authority is also a big factor.

for example – If you got a link from which DA is 97, will have a much bigger impact than a link from a low-quality DA site.

yeah I know getting these links are very difficult, but that’s not impossible. That depends upon your efforts.

Ahrefs also helps you to check the domain authority. You can also check Domain authority of a website on MOZ.

  • Sites which are relevant to your site.

Getting a link from High DA or High PA sites is good but that will not give a big impact until the website is not relevant from you niche.

for example – your websites give services for online flower delivery but you get a link from an auto niche website that DA is 90. Will that link count? the answer is No.

so i want to tell that the High DA, PA is important especially when the website is also related to your niche website.

4- Position of links on a web page

Congrats! You got a link from a High Authority Website but Where ?on a footer or on a piece of content. It’s Matters a lot.

So the position of a link on a web page is also important.

So the main thing is you should link your website URL within the main body of a web page

  • Link Anchor Text

Anchor Text is a clickable text which you linked from your website.

and the major thing is Google uses anchor text as a ranking factor.

for example – You used Flowers shop online keyword as an Anchor text to linked your website.

Now Google will check and think: “Hmmmmmmm! that site used anchor text “flower shop online” that means the web page they’re linking to must be about florist shop or floral services. “Google will also check your website that is your web page is about florist shop?

Now It’s Clear! Google knows everything and not a moron.

so I would suggest if you do get a link with your keyword rich anchor text, That’s Awesome.

  • Nofollow VS Dofollow

Nofollow Links is a  HTML attribute used to instruct the search engine bots that a hyperlink should not count as an endorsement. you can easily make Nofollow link using the Nofollow tag: rel=”nofollow”

Link Building Techniques

so you should always try to get a normal and natural to Dofollow link wherever possible.

so the above lines show you the quality factors of a link now the time to know that how to build them.

Chapter 3 – Get Quality Backlinks from Content Marketing.

Everyone knows the content is a key factor to create amazing backlinks.

But here is also a fact that simply published content or post is not enough to land you any backlink.

so What to do? Don’t worry! Here are few steps that you need to follow. Keep Reading…

1- Visual Assets

There is few types of visual assets that will help to create a quality backlink.

These Visual assets are images, diagrams, infographics, charts and some others.

Link Building Infographics

Why are these visual assets so useful?

Because you can easily get links from these visual assets. for example, if you publish a chart and infographics then you can get a link from every share of your post.

2- Original Research or Data Analysis Content

Content that includes original data or research of industries, studies, surveys etc. is a type of Original Research Data.

These type of content works quickly because the content of statics and survey are highly linkable.

3- Content of Ultimate Guides that includes in-depth Information

This type of content is a comprehensive resource that covers everything about the given topics.

These types of content are very effective for link building because that type of content includes ultimate guides pack with very informational knowledge.

Chapter 4 – Link building with Email Outreach

Email Outreach techniques are very useful for those people who want to create a backlink with White techniques.

But How can you reach out to users (bloggers) without ending up in their spam folders?

Don’t worry! I am going to tell you What to do? Keep Reading…

Step 1 – Find that type of peoples that are likely to link to you

so to find them, Use reverse engineering technique to find them.

first search your keyword on Google, then pick the first URL showing in the result of search engine.

Put the URL into link analysis tools like ah refs and buzz sumo.

search for URL backlinks that you picked from google.

Step 2- Now search their emails using tools like or voila Norbert.

By using these techniques, you will find the people that will help you to get backlinks from their sites.

Step 3- Now send an email with a customized Script.

Here is an example to send an email:

“Hi [First Name],

I was looking for content on [Topic] today when I stumbled on your article: [Article Title].

Good stuff! I especially enjoyed [Something specific from their article].

Also, I just published a new guide on [Your Topic]: [URL].

As someone that writes about [Topic], I thought you’d enjoy it.

My guide may also make a nice addition to your page. Either way, keep up the awesome work with [Website]!

Talk Soon,
[Your Name]”

That’s all!

Chapter – 5 Top 3 strategies for link building.

1- Resource Pages

Do you know whats is resource pages?

resource pages are that pages that link out to amazing content for given topics.

you can get a link from these resource pages by using these 4 tips mentioned below:

1- Find Resource Pages

Search on google (“Keyword” + inurl:links), (“Keyword” + “helpful resources”), (“Keyword” + “useful resources”).

2- Check the Page Matrix-like Domain Authority and Page Authority.

3- Find the Topics that’s fit to you and your site.

4- send an email with a personalized script.

2- Broken Links

Broken link strategy is also a useful technique to get links.

It’s quite easy because using this technique you add value to someone’s website. so these steps help you to create links by Broken links strategy.

Step 1 – Install the tools like check my links to find out the broken links.

Step 2 – Find Pages With Lots of Outbound Links

Step 3 – Check For Broken Links by using mentioned above tool.

Step 4 – Email The Site Owner About Their Broken Link

3 – Most Powerful and my personal favorite Technique – SKY SCRAPPER TECHNIQUE.

To know more about this technique you need to watch my idol’s (Brian Dean) Video.

Hope This Will Help To You

To Know More Visit Here

Chapter 6 – Advanced Link Building

Now I am going to show you some quick strategies that will help you to create amazing and quality backlinks.

Keep reading…

1- Use Link Reclamation technique to get the link.

2 – Use Reverse Image Search Technique to create a backlink.

3 – Send email to users in the afternoon

4 – Create Visual Assets with great concepts and Ideas.

5 – Send feller emails.

6 – Podcast with Interview of yourself.

7 – Use Pre-Curated Lists for Targets Link.

Now It’s Your Turn to Do it.

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Hope you will Like these Strategies for Perfect Link Building.

If You any Question in your mind about these Link Building Strategies


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