Google Warning : Misusing Links in Articles can be Risky | SEO Updates

Google Warning : Misusing Links in Articles can be Risky | SEO Update

Beware! Google is Warning you

So Guys! I have a shocking news for spammers, so If you are a spammer then it’s time to improve your skills. Here is a new google warning for you.


Because Once again Google came out today with a warning for every user who is syndication or distributing articles extensively or doing other large scale activities. on other ways, Google wants to say you:- “Stop Now!” “Just Stop to create spammy Links” and “Check and Watch your Links”.

Google Post (A reminder about links in large-scale article campaigns) Which is recently Published on 25th May 2017, reminds those who publish their content on multiple sites and also for those who don’t care about Google link schemes rules and guidelines.

google warning

So Google Warns, Stop Publishing or Syndicating Article for Links.

Google says that action is not for general content marketing or distribution. But If your intention for Content distribution is only for gaining links, then you will be in trouble. From the Google Webmaster Blog Post:

google warning update

google warning

So Above two images clearly showing that Google is saying when your primary intention is link building, then the quality of the articles can suffer and that will create the worst experience for readers.

Some warning Signs you need to know

So I am showing you some Points that you must know that What Things Google is pointing out in Content Distribution or What’s things you are doing which are violating its Guidelines.

1- If you are stuffing keyword rich anchor and links in your content of web page or blog.

2 – If your article published across many different sites; alternatively, if you have a large number of articles on a few large, different websites.

3 – If you are hiring Clumsy and unskillful writers who have no knowledge about the topics.

4 – If you are using duplicate articles on your site or blog.

What things you should do to Staying Safe

Basically, There are 2 Secure and Safe Ways to stay out of trouble with distributing Content.

1 Using Nofollow Links – When you are linking your anchor text, Try to make it no follow by rel=”nofollow” Tag.

2 – Using Canonical tags on the page itself.

I have also listed some best SEO Natural Link Building Strategies , You can use these techniques to create backlinks. and these techniques are easy to build. So you don’t need to take much pain.

Be Aware! Because Publishers also can be at Risk

Yeah! That’s true. Google warning isn’t just for those who is distributing and syndicating articles but also for Publishers who are not taking proper care of their blogs. According to Google Post:

google warning update

In Other words, If you are publishing author’s content without any question and simply giving links than it could expose your website to being penalized in Google.

Why Google comes again with this new google warning?

Hope! all of you will remember When Google warned us for the same issue in 2013 when it cautioned about backlinks in guest posting, press releases, and advertorial or sponsored posts. Especially It happened in terms of syndication.

So I request to all users this time to change your work philosophy. Keep in Mind, If you are publishing and distributing content or articles primarily to create a backlink than Now you need to change the trend. You should work with those site publishers to implement nofollow or canonical tags. If you think that’s not a good idea than you should think about disavow removal links to Google.

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