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The Evolution of Communication Infographic

We have seen so many changes and developments in the way humans communicate just in the last century, that it is going to be nothing short of phenomenal to see how communication is going to continue evolving over the next hundred years.  Isn’t it interesting to think how men once only communicated through cave paintings and pictures on walls?

Since the advent of social media, the internet and human connectedness have never been the same. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have revolutionised the way that we communicate with others, record, and share our social history online; but, how did we get from smoke signals to Snapchat and Youtube?

It’s important to create a social marketing plan, so that your social media accounts don’t fall by the wayside. After all, if you don’t post every day, then your clients aren’t going to bother visiting everyday either. Soon, they’ll be too busy reading your competitor’s feeds and spending time on their Facebook pages, and they’ll have forgotten all about you. You need to get the word out every day. The more your customers see you in social media, the more it will nudge them towards giving your business a call.

You don’t have to just stick with Facebook and Twitter, though they’re the major social media platforms. There are literally hundreds of other platforms around, all that can be put to good use.

When you spend a few hours per week working towards diversifying your social media accounts, you will see it pay off in the future. Your customers will be able to find you wherever they are on the Net. This will pay off in increased profits down the road.

Take a look at this handy infographic that goes through the Evolution of Communication Methods and how we have shared our ideas since the beginning of time itself to convey absolutely everything, by Mobile-Text-Alerts.

evolution of  communication


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